The RFU is committed to providing our game with support and access to our organisations expertise. An area of high importance for all involved in Rugby is Health & Safety. Before even stepping on to the pitch our players, guests and staff enter our club environment and we want to ensure the experience they have is fun but safe. We’ll be providing more information, products and support in this area but for immediate guidance please see the following links and our PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) pack which can be used for various activities from car parking support through to pitch preparation.

ER Governance CLICK HERE                    Risk Assessment tool CLICK HERE 

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PPE Health and Safety Pack

PPE Health and Safety Pack
2 x Helmets, 2 x Safeguard Specs, 2 x Goggles 2 x Ear Defender Muffs 1 x Box Foam Ear Plugs 2 x Hi Vis Jackets 5 x Hi Vis Vests